Information at a Glance


 1. General Information

(i) City : U.T. Chandigarh
(ii) Full Postal Address : Grain Market, Sector -26 Chandigarh. 
(iii) Email :
(iv) Telephone No. with STD Code : 0712-2792590
(v) Year of establishment : 1961
(vi) Population Served : 900000

2. Administration

(i) Regulated/Unregulated : Regulated
(ii) Year of Regulation : 1969
(iii) Name of the Market Legislation : Union Govt.
(iv) Whether Elected/Nominated/Superseded APMC : Elected
(v) Name of Chairman/Administrator : Sh. Sanyam Garg, HCS
  Address of Chairman/Administrator : Market Committee, Grain Market Sec.26 Chandigarh
  Telephone No. of Chairman/Administrator : 2792269
(vi) Name of Secretary, Market Committee. : Sh. Manoj Kumar Sharma
  Address of Secretary : Market Committee, Grain Market Sec.26 Chandigarh
  Name of Appellate Authority under RTI. : Vacant Post
  Address/contact number of appellate authority. : Market Committee, Grain Market Sec.26 Chandigarh
  Telephone No. of Secretary and CPIO Market Committee. : 2792590
(vii) Name of Officer-in-Charge of Market Information : Vacant Post
  Address of Officer-in-Charge of Market Information : Market Committee, Grain Market Sec.26 Chandigarh
  Telephone No. of Officer-in-Charge of Market Information : 0172-2792590
(viii) If Unregulated, Name of Owner and Management : N.A.
(x) Market holidays : Sunday in Grain Market; Monday in Fruit/Veg. Market
(xi) Market hours : 11 AM till the end of auction in Grain market, 4 a.m. to 12 noon and 2.p.m. to 10.p.m. in fruit/vegetable Market. 

 3. Rail/Road Connectivity

(i) Name of the nearest railway station : Chandigarh
(ii) Distance of the railway station from the market(in Kms) : 4 
(iii) Name of the Nearest National /State Highway : N.H. 21

 4. Market Area

(i) Notified area of Market Committee : Chandigarh (U.T.)
(ii) Sub yard (If any) and It's exact location : No
(iii) Farthest place in the Hinterland :  
(iv) Nearest place in the Hinterland :  
(v) Commodity Wise Processing Units in the Market area : Wheat: floor mills
Paddy : Rice mills
(vi) Number of Cold Storages available : Nil
(vi) Capacity of Cold Storages available : N.A.
(vii) Number of Commodities notified under regulation : 100
(viii) Average daily dispatches to outside markets during the season :  60%
(ix) Average daily dispatches to outside markets during the peak period :  70%
(x) Names of traditional markets(important) to which produce is sent : Delhi, Shimla etc

 5. Market Functionaries

(i) Time at which sale begins in the market : 4.00 AM in Subzimandi and 11.00 AM in Grain Market
(ii) Peak trading hours : 11 AM to 2.00 PM in Grain Market  
(iii) Time at which sale ends in the market : 8.00 AM in Subzimandi and 2.00 PM in Grain Market
(iv) Whether produce is cleaned/graded before sale : Only in Grain Market
(v) Accepted grade in the market :  
(vi) Farmer level grading in practice :  Yes
(vi) Are there quality disputes? :  No
(vii) How are quality disputes settled? : With mutual consent of the seller and purchaser

6. Transaction Method

(i) System of sale(if different for commodities please clarify) :  Open Auction 
(ii) System of weighment : As Prescribed in the Bye-laws   
(iii) System of payment : Cash/Bank Draft
(iv) Degree of transparency on method of Sale,Weighment and Payment : 100% 
(v) Transactional Disputes and Redressel  Mechanism : These are rare and if there is any, the same is redressed through mutual  discussions

7. Transportation

(i) Modes of transport generally adopted for the market : Trucks/ Tractor Trolleys
(ii) Modes of transport for dispatches to various stations : Trucks  
(iii) Modal Mix% Mode Wise :  60% + 40%

8. Storage

(i) Storage facilities available in the market with trade as well as APMC : No  
(ii) Availability of Ripening Chambers if available : Number  Capacity
    :  0 0

9. Facilities and Services

(i) Information Notice Board/Electric Display Board : No
(ii) Public Address System : No  
(iii) Are the prices displayed on the Notice Board : No 
(iv) Are the producers able to read the information displayed on The Notice Board : Yes 
(v) Availability Of: :  
Canteen : Yes
Restaurant : No
Toilets : Yes
Internal Roads : Yes
Parking : Yes
Fencing : Yes
Post Office : Yes
Bank : Yes
Input/Sundry Shops : No 
Fire Extinguishers : No 
Rest house for farmers : Yes
Drinking Water : Yes
Electricity : Yes
Auction Platform : Yes 
Grading and Analyzing Laboratory : No 
Mechanical Graders : No 
Sieves : Yes
Garbage Disposal System : Yes
Sweeping Facilities : Yes
Information Unit : No 
Extension Unit : No 
Audio Visual side : No 
Market office building : Yes
(vi) Name of Welfare scheme for producers : Providing Seed bins, Tarpaulins at 50% subsidy and financial assistance for the thraser victims as per Rules.

10. Market Charges

Commission : 2.5% in Grain Market  & 5% in Subzi mandi
Market Fee : 2% of sale value 
Weighment : As per law
Brokerage : Nil
Charity : Nil
Trade Allowance : Nil
Octroi : Nil
Sales Tax : Nil
Other Taxes/Levies : Nil
Other Charges : Nil